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Thanks for showing interest in becoming a protector of the Thunderdome (AKA the kids area). This space is located upstairs next to the Ripp'd Nutrition Flex Room and cardio section and is protected by a big net wall and a gate. It's not a huge area but the kids really like it!


We are asking you for only 6 hours a month of your time ($15 per hour) equals $90 dollars, or the Legacy Family Membership (Family of 5). 


There are THREE STEPS to become a Thunderdome Mom:

1) Fill out the form below with your information so we can know who you are

2) Join our WhatsApp Group to coordinate and plan the calendars, we use a Google spreadsheet and it's super fancy

3) Sign you and your hubby (if you got one) up with our Thunderdome Mom membership and come get your key fobs. This membership is free for you and your family and stays active as long as you want to keep helping out!


-The Emperor 

(Garet, Curtis, and Scottie)



How Many Hours Per Month?

6... yes 6.

What Do I Get?

Free Family Membership

Can I Bring My Kids?

Of course, we're not jerks.

Is There a Contract?

Social Media

No, we're not possessive.

Is There a Catch? 

Nope. Just give us time and you keep a keyfob.

Is There a Time/Day I Can Pick?

We'd love to make sure that the hours 10-2pm are covered M-F but any time you can help is great!

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